Whether on the large construction site Stuttgart 21 or in the disposal and recycling of waste. “Transforming Materials into Value” is the mission of BHS. In the business units Filtration, Mixing & Crushing, Recycling & Environment, BHS employees work on process solutions that efficiently produce maximum value from different materials. With the help of numerous success stories, solution examples, product explanations, project videos and much more on the new website, visitors will gain insights into the world of innovative products and services in mechanical, thermal and chemical process engineering.

Commha Consulting provides editorial support for the new BHS-Website

Preparing such a modern and comprehensive website requires a lot of hard work, creativity and coordination in content creation. We supported BHS in this major project editorially. And now, we look forward to continuously expanding the site with exciting news and success stories.


BHS-Sonthofen launches new website We congratulate BHS on the relaunch of its website: The process engineering experts have been demonstrating their huge range of technologies and consulting services on the new website.

Mark Haverkamp

Berater für Kommunikation und Change