Our interests are as diverse as our team! In our news section, you will learn more about what drives and inspires us, what we are working on and what we are discussing, and which topics in our “three Cs” Communication, Change and Collaboration are hot right now. Of course, a couple of excursions into more distant topic worlds should not be missing ;-)

Commha off duty featuring Jana Seifert

In our video series “Commha Off Duty”, Jana Seifert tells you more about her engagement. Ss a lecturer at the SRH University in Heidelberg she passes on her vast communication knowledge.


Why the moon is not a sickle

There is no language without frames. Therefore, the very expertise of a communication professional lies in recognizing the frames of reference in her target audience and finding adapting messages.


More about Commha Consulting in a movie

For Commha Consulting the key to success is “Shaping relationships”. But, how does Commha do that in concrete terms? Take a look for yourself and watch our new movie „Commha Consulting – the movie“.


Exit Communication Harmonists, enter Commha Consulting

Over the past several years, our portfolio has constantly expanded. From 2017, our expertise in the core business area Communication will be joined by the two new areas Change and Collaboration.


Tell stories: Can stories make us stupid?

“Tell stories” is what they teach you when you start a career in journalism or PR. There are storytellers in many fields. People in sales and marketing tell stories all the time. Stories sell.