Collaboration. Growing. Together.

Many people take for granted something that can’t be taken for granted: that people will work together productively and enthusiastically. But how can teams achieve this? And: how can a well-established team become even better?

There’s no one right way – teams and organisations are far too varied for that. Social collaboration tools are one option, team building or targeted trainings another.

No one knows better than you and your colleagues which method and which type of collaboration best suits you. The perfect solution for you is the one that you develop yourself. We will support you in resolving difficult situations, structuring your ideas and thoughts or making them become a reality. Our goal is to accompany you through this process and help you to develop you organisation’s potential and discover in which areas you are already particularly good and what you can do better in the future – so that you and your colleagues can concentrate on the essentials.

And whatever your collaboration goals, we’ll work together with you on them: e.g. by developing new collaboration skills, transforming your team into a high-performance one, or improving the organisation of your information and communication flows.

Maybe you just need a few tips: we’ll be happy to advise you or to create a tailored collaboration training programme, e.g. to reduce the flood of emails your team receives or to ensure that your team has the information they need for their work on hand.

Whether it’s process consulting or expert advice, a detailed analysis is particularly important to us: What do you want to achieve together? What needs to change? And above all, how can you gauge the success of your measures? In our work we put our experience in coaching and systemic coaching as well as in change and project management to good use to systematically address your collaboration challenges and achieve you goals.

For us, effective collaboration is a prerequisite for a successful organisation – and for a fulfilling working life. Or as the neurobiologist Joachim Bauer put it: “Money can only to a limited extent achieve what social recognition and a good working environment are capable of: boosting a person’s motivation system and the release of motivation chemical messengers.”

Our services focus on teams, managers (e.g. team and project managers), and HR, Communication and Change departments.





Jana Seifert