Change Management

Change Management

  • Resonance
  • Mindset
  • Long-term thinking
  • Effectiveness

“We have to face the challenges!” “Everyone must pull together!” “We are getting ready for the future!” When employees hear this from their management, their inner voice often says no more than an inward “Yeah, go for it.” This is not a fertile ground for effective change, no matter how right the goals may be. The task of change management is to support the imagination and visions of employees, and to actively support and drive change with a positive attitude.

Manage change processes successfully

The key to the success of a change process does not lie in classic, hierarchy-related communication. Instead, the potential lies in the countless relationships between employees. These shape the work culture in an organization – and thus lay the foundation for business success. Commha Consulting offers a structured, analytical-strategic consulting approach to shape these relationships and thus to unearth the treasure of successful change.

Comprehensive change management

Therefore, Commha Consulting does not see change management as isolated consulting. Rather, change management is combined with the Commha competence areas of communication and collaboration to form a discipline that works at both the personal and the organizational level. On the one hand, we rely on project management-oriented concepts such as the PROSCI® methodology. On the other hand, we make use of the tools and attitude of systemic consulting. With this holistic approach, sustainable change management is not based on imposed measures, but on well-established processes – in line with the new strategy. So that employees ask, “Great! How can I help?”

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