15 years old – an age often associated with sowing your wild oats, new challenges and changes. Since Communication Harmonists will be “turning 15” in 2017, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to also set our sights on new challenges! Our core business area communication will be joined by two new areas.

Logo of Commha Consulting whith the core business area communication.

The core business area Communication is joined by the areas Change and Collaboration

Over the past several years, our portfolio has constantly expanded. In the course of which we have cheerfully ignored and unabashedly broken through the genre boundaries of classic communication and PR. As a result, our range of services has steadily grown. From 2017, our expertise in the core business area Communication will be joined by the two new areas Change and Collaboration. In terms of their content, all three are intimately linked. Meaningful Change requires effective Communication. Change projects are doomed to fail without Collaboration. And smoothly functioning Communication is essential to efficient Collaboration.

As such, on 1 January 2017 it’s time to say “Exit Communication Harmonists, enter Commha Consulting”! This new orientation won’t entail any changes in the team you know and trust. Even our contact information will remain unchanged. You’ll find more information on the new portfolio on the other subpages of our new homepage. Enjoy!