Gute Zusammenarbeit beim Staffelmarathon. Produktiv, effizient und motiviert zusammenarbeiten. Trainings und Workshops, um die Zusammenarbeit in Teams zu verbessern zahlen sich aus.


Investing in collaboration pays off

Many people take for granted something that can’t be taken for granted: that people will work together productively and enthusiastically. But how can teams achieve this? And: how can a well-oiled team become even better? Are investments in team coaching, organizational development, new communication platforms or introducing new conflict management systems worth it?

We think that they are! Investments in collaboration lead to better employee retention, more job satisfaction, clear processes, and more innovation. They facilitate leadership and knowledge management.

Jana Seifert; Partnerin bei Commha
Jana Seifert, Partner with Commha Consulting

Those who reward cooperation more strongly than individual successes have a good chance of establishing successful cooperative relationships.

There is no one right way to accomplish this – teams and organizations are too diverse. Social collaboration tools can be one method; team development, workshops or focused trainings another. No one knows better than you and your colleagues which method and which type of collaboration suits you best. That is why there is no patent solution. Instead, we will support you in working out the most suitable approach for you.

Collaboration We think that they are! Investments in collaboration lead to better employee retention, more job satisfaction, clear processes, and more innovation. They facilitate leadership and knowledge management.

Finding the right solution – in a structured manner

We support you in resolving difficult or seemingly convoluted situations, structuring ideas and thoughts, and making your ideas become reality. Together, we will find out what you are already good at and where there is still room for improvement. We can offer various methods and approaches which will help you realize your organization’s potential.

For example, we can support you in building up new collaboration skills, evolve your team into high performers, better organize the information and communication flow in your company, and switching to new, modern forms of collaboration – be it in the form of a SCRUM cooking session or a barcamp.

Analysis as a starting point

In our work, we make use of our experience in coaching, systemic consulting, as well as change and project management to tackle your collaboration challenges in a structured and goal-oriented way.

Our services are aimed at teams, leaders such as team and project managers, as well as HR, communications and change departments. Do you have any questions? We’re happy to discuss them with you via phone.

Our References

Entdecken Sie erfolgreiche Projekte in Kommunikation, Change und Zusammenarbeit in Teams von Commha Consulting. Unsere Referenzen.
We enjoy communicating technical topics in an exciting way. And you can read that, too – for example in the white papers from Bosch Connected Industry on the digitalization of manufacturing and logistics.


Smartphone mit Social
Spätestens seit dem Aufstieg von LinkedIn als Content-Plattform für B-to-B-Organisationen, dreht sich der Wind. Die ursprünglich beabsichtigte Zurückhaltung der Mitarbeiter*innen erweist sich plötzlich


Website BHS Sonthofen
We congratulate BHS on the relaunch of its website: The process engineering experts have been demonstrating their huge range of technologies and consulting services on the new website.


Rennwagen gebrandet mit Kistler
Commha supports Kistler in internal matters as well as in international media relations. We create content for a wide range of formats: success stories, in-depth articles, and social media post.


Virtuelle Beratung - Workshops. Kundenberatung ohne persönliche Begegnung in der Bank? Einführung der virtuellen Beratung schafft eine vertrauensvolle Atmosphäre online.
Counselling those in need is always a challenge, all the more so if it has to take place online. Working in the virtual space requires easy technical solutions and ideas for trusted conversation.


Barbara Hott beim Kommunikationskongress
A compass guides every hiker through unknown terrain. The same applies to values: they guide individuals and organizations through life – i.e. once they have been determined or at least redefined.


newspaper about the rebuilding
How can those affected by the rebuilding of Heidelberg Central Station be persuaded to welcome the change with goodwill, perhaps also with anticipation? Commhas answer: With a newspaper like no other.


Screenshot Sonoco LinkedIn
At our suggestion, Sonoco added LinkedIn as a communication channel. That's a logical choice. Because LinkedIn offers companies the opportunity to create attractive company profiles and news feeds.


Media Dialog
Speed dating with journalists in the run-up to the world's largest trade show: With our customer BHS-Sonthofen, we participated in the bauma "Media Dialog" at the International Congress Center Munich.


Luigi und Mario von Super Mario
Since the German Society for Site Management is a start-up, it needs counselling with regards to marketing and media relations. In particular, the young company wants to increase its market visibility.


LED-Beleuchtung der Nürnberg Messe
Working on the annual report requires a serious amount of precision. Here, fast fingers and a cool head are vital. Thus, appropriate formulations and accurate messages are necessary.


Konferenzraum im Büro
After structural changes people had to find their place in new teams and departments, and to wave good-bye to existing routines. Commha’s job was to support them in their efforts to find their way.