Newspaper provides concise and reliable information about the rebuilding

How can those affected – rail travellers, motorists and passers-by – be persuaded to welcome the change with goodwill, perhaps also with anticipation? This question was put to us by the communications department of rnv. Their goal was to accompany the conversion communicatively – with concise and reliable information. Especially for the critical stages, the rnv required our PR knowledge. How can all stakeholders be informed in the desired way? The rnv had a dedicated construction site newspaper about the rebuilding in mind. Together we brainstormed and developed the concept for a two-page flyer with current construction site news and new tram and bus timetables. Besides that, we conducted short interviews with taxi drivers, technicians and construction site representatives. The approach was well received. So we accompanied the rnv from June 2018 to April 2019 with six multi-faceted editions.

Since then we’ve acquired a taste for construction sites and are looking forward to getting on and off at the new stop soon.


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Barbara Hott

Beraterin für Kommunikation und Change