But it is not easy to clearly outline corporate values. In that case, unbiased third parties can help dust off the compass – or design it from scratch. This is exactly what we did in 2019 with an equipment manufacturer: In a two-month project we jointly developed the values of the company’s German sites. A long time ago, the management set up moral guidelines to support the corporate strategy. Then the goal was to critically review the values and have the employees themselves find and reformulate them.

Werte-Workshop von Commha

Four-stage series of workshops

In a four-stage series of workshops, we identified the issues that moved employees in Germany. In addition, we clarified the essence of values of organizations in general, took a closer look at the strategy and compared the findings with it. This way we gradually developed five core values. The company’s management was part of this participatory approach, as did trainees, skilled workers, sales management and communications. In other words, it was a colorful (and representative) cross-section of the workforce, which ultimately has to bring the values to life. An extremely exciting project – for us and the customer!


Define and outline those corporate values A compass guides every hiker through unknown terrain. The same applies to values: they guide individuals and organizations through life – i.e. once they have been determined or at least redefined.

Barbara Hott

Beraterin für Kommunikation und Change