Improvisational theater

Improvisational theater

  • Prior consultation to clarify goals
  • Individual training design
  • On-site execution
  • Photo documentation

Team development is not achieved from one moment to the next – but you definitely ramp it up. With small interventions from applied improvisation, old and new teams will grow together efficiently and playfully.

Collaboration through applied improvisation

Whether newly structured or longstanding: teams need a regular freshening up. Playful and holistic methods from applied improvisation are ideal for this: colleagues can get to know each other or deepen mutual trust. They’ll change perspectives, question their roles and modes of behavior, and develop creative approaches for future collaboration. Regular interventions can help translate these impulses into everyday work and reflect on them in a timely manner. Almost incidentally, the methods foster open thinking, support a culture of constructive criticism, and strengthen the resilience of the participants.

In four to five interventions of two hours each, we’ll set teams in motion. Participants will work on their team culture in spontaneous role plays, creating a solid foundation for collaboration step by step. We’ll focus on doing and experiencing, which also makes the methods ideally suited for effectively bringing change processes “from head to gut”.

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