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We have a permanent team of experienced and methodically highly qualified business trainers and facilitators who will guide you safely and expertly to your goal. In the following you will find a selection of trainings and workshops, which we adapt individually to your situation and questions.

Media training

It doesn’t always have to a big appearance on a news broadcast: in times of cross-media and cross-channel communication, you may find yourself in front of a camera and microphone faster than ever. All the more important, therefore, to feel confident in conversational and interview situations, and to be able to argue confidently. It our media trainings at Commha, we don’t employ abstract exercises, but work with you based on your concrete topics and content. Learn to understand mechanisms and get to know manageable techniques for successful interviews – and have fun doing it! For questions about our media trainings, please contact Johannes Dürr.

Rhetoric training

Do you have something to say? Then you should say it effectively! Learn what rhetoric is all about – and how it works. Rhetoric is not only useful for stately speeches in front of large audiences. Even in the context of a telephone call, it can often make the difference between an unsuccessful and a successful conversation. Even a presentation does not subsist on fancy PowerPoint slides alone – on the contrary: if you – and not your slides – are the star of the show, your rhetoric will have an impact. And what’s best: you can learn how to do it! If you have any questions about our rhetoric trainings, please contact Frieder Pfleghar.

Trade fair training

Trade fairs are more than industry get-togethers and important communication platforms. Often, they are the largest items in the marketing budget. How to get the most out of this investment in terms of communication? This training will teach you how to effectively score points with the media and achieve high visibility in pre- and post-show reporting. If you have any questions about our trade fair training, please contact Johannes Dürr.

Crisis communication

The thing about crises is that they often break out suddenly and unexpectedly – which requires swift action and clear, structured communication. How can you prepare for these situations? Let experienced crisis communicators teach you how to prepare for the unexpected, so that you’ll stay functional even in difficult situations. For questions on crisis communication, please contact Thorsten Diehl.

Project communication

Communication is a – if not the – decisive factor when it comes to projects. It enables you to reach your project objectives – what could be more efficient? Communication fails with important stakeholders can delay or even kill off a project. If you manage communications in large-scale projects (such as IT, organizational development, research, construction, or merger projects) – whether as project manager, member of staff, or communications expert managing a project outside of classic communication for the first time – this workshop is for you. You’ll love the results… For questions on project communication, please contact Frieder Pfleghar.

Podcast – future perspective – shaping the future with regnosis

Trainings & Workshops We have a permanent team of experienced and methodically highly qualified business trainers and facilitators who will guide you safely and expertly to your goal. In the following you will find a selection of trainings and workshops, which we adapt individually to your situation and questions.

Our cooperation partner Tanja Weber, TW Consulting, talks about the concept of regnosis with Markus Schwemmle, managing director of system worx. The concept is based on the idea that everything we think about has an impact on our behaviour. In contrast to prognosis – the ability to predict the future from the present – regnosis is based on the ability to imagine a successful future and to motivate ourselves for meaningful actions. That way we can shape the future – it is not something that simply happens to us.

To listen to the podcast and for further information, click here.


There is a lot of hype around the term “storytelling” at the moment. As a technique to win people over, however, it is essential and as old as time. Storytelling will therefore survive any hype cycle in communications – whether digital, classic, visual, or data-based. In our workshop, we’ll outline basic storytelling techniques and provide you with the skills to excel in internal and external communications as well as in change management. Out with the spreadsheets, in with the story – is there any more attractive way to communicate effectively? For questions on storytelling, please contact Thorsten Diehl.

Feedback training

Constructive feedback is one of the most powerful instruments for creating productive work and team relationships and for ensuring and boosting quality and performance. In many cases, the question of success or failure is decided right here. But how does the communication succeed? Learn how to unleash your employees’ productivity with respectful feedback as a manager, or how to hold a mirror up to your manager as an employee – and boost your cooperation success! For questions on feedback training, please contact Johannes Dürr.

Webinar “Virtual Workshops”

Ever since the Covid-19 contact ban, most people have gotten used to working from home. What many of them miss, however, is a more personal connection; working together online leaves them unsatisfied. However, it is possible to transfer the advantages of in-person work meetings or workshops to the virtual environment – if you do it right. Learn how to encourage virtual groups in their collaboration and guide them to common work results. Discover important success factors for virtual workshops and try out methods, virtual group work and activation exercises directly – so that, in your next virtual workshop, you’ll be able to work together constructively even in a virtual environment. For questions about the webinar on virtual workshops, please contact Anna Herb and Barbara Hott.

Meeting facilitation

Another meeting done – and no results to show for it… How frequently do you finish work meetings dissatisfied with the lack of structure and bad execution? Our training on meeting facilitation will teach you how to prepare meetings and moderate them with focus. What makes a good moderator? What should you pay attention to with respect to meeting preparation, execution, and follow-up? And how do you confidently deal with interruptions during a meeting? In this seminar, you’ll learn about the basics of meeting facilitation, try our various methods of working in workshop-type environments, and reflect these together. That way, theory and practice will form the perfect basis for your productive meetings. For questions about the training on meeting facilitation, please contact Anna Herb and Barbara Hott.

Project management: classic and agile

Everyone is talking about hybrid project management: classic methods paired with agile approaches – that’s what makes for a successful project. But what’s behind these terms? What are the similarities, what are the differences between classic and agile project management? In addition to learning about theory, you’ll do a lot of practical work in this seminar: In small groups, you’ll work on concrete projects and learn more about project structure plans, milestones, GANTT charts, sprint planning, the Cynefin framework, and planning poker. Find out which method fits your projects best and get started. For questions about the project management training, please contact Jana Seifert and Fabian Herold.


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