Learning is easier while playing. This is not only common knowledge for parents and teachers, but also for communication professionals. They call it ‘gamification’. This is where the job for a big manufacturing customer started: The company has restructured its IT working environment to enhance and accelerate the internal collaboration. New tools for social collaboration, for video conferencing and a new Office package are among many changes.

Learning is easier while plaing - also while playing Super Mario. The approach is called gamification.

To inform employees about the these changes, an uncountable amount of PDF pages emerged. But of course, hardly anyone would read all of them during work hours! Training weren’t considered either. Because it would have required a whole taskforce only to schedule an appointment for thousands of people from dozens of sites. In joint meetings between Commha and the customer, it turned out pretty soon: A smart and witty game was needed.

A learning trip through the very own company

So, Commha pondered, scribbled, developed, and eventually designed a browser game. It took employees on a ride through the very own company. On that trip, new collaboration methods as well as tips and tricks could be discovered. By randomized multiple choice questions, puzzles, quiz and much more, people could work themselves up level by level. This helped to turn the bulk of information into tiny little pieces. But every game needs a prize. As a reward for the progress, participants could further individualize an avatar of their own.