Wow, the last six weeks have gone by in no time! The warm summer days are turning into milder autumn weather. Our holiday memories have started to fade. Our thoughts revolve around the stressful trade show months that lie ahead this autumn.

The topic of the PR Summer School in Berlin were communications

Time for a conclusion: What stayed with us over the summer break?

It’s almost like being back at school: after the long break, you have to get back to your daily routine. You try to recall what was covered in class before the holidays and have to pick up from here again. Six weeks have passed since our participation in the PR Summer School in Berlin. Enough time to let our impressions sink in and to figure out what we can integrate into our work.


Module I: External Communications

Authentic storytelling is more important than ever in the digital age – even in front of the camera. In the video training session, we learned a host of tips and tricks on how to keep a cool head durign a video shoot, how to come across as confident despite stage fright and how to truly own your quirks. Our customers certainly have a lot to look forward to now in our media trainings: trade show video today, Hollywood tomorrow.


Module II: Internal Communications

In internal communications, it is important to turn employees into brand ambassadors. Very popular: company-owned podcasts. People listen everywhere – on the way to work or on a post-work run. Over 70% of under 50-year-olds switch on a podcasdt regularly. A company podcast can reach the majority of employees and inform them about company news, exciting research projects and industry trends. A huge plus: the low inhibition threshold encourages listeners to join in. Who knows, perhaps our customers will be tuning in soon!


Module III: Online Communications

We are currently experiencing a decade of “content shock”: every day, more than 2.5 trillion bytes of content are produced – making it difficult to distinguish credible from untrustworthy content. Technology trends like AI are both a curse and a blessing in this context. On the one hand, AI tools can already formulate entire paragraphs on the basis of a single sentence, but it is also easy to create deep fakes. All in all, PR is yet to wake up to AI’s full potential. It is time to take a critical look at AI in PR and its effects in order to prepare for the communications world of tomorrow.

One thing is clear: we took some really cool impulses on board, learned a lot of new things, discussed exciting ideas and got to know inspiring people. We look forward to implementing what we have learned and are excited about the “school year” that lies ahead.