Corporate Influencer

Corporate Influencer

  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Guidelines and corporate hashtags
  • Training and coaching
  • Evaluation and further development

There are a lot of advantages to turning employees into ambassadors on social media: a wide reach, a credible positioning of your company and representation of corporate values, lead generation and effective employer branding, to only name a few. Experience has shown that asking colleagues to be more active on Facebook or LinkedIn is simply not enough. Employee advocacy often involves a change in the corporate culture, too – it is about breaking down silos, relinquishing control and promoting diversity of opinions and people. Therefore, building a corporate influencer network is also part of the organisational development.

Corporate influencer network: structure and mentoring

We will guide you through the process of building and managing your corporate influencer network, including the selection and training of employees, the community management and the integration into your communication processes. We pave the way for success for your corporate ambassadors on social media.

Our 6-week starter programme includes:

  • Defining the framework of your company
  • A kick-off meeting with the designated influencers
  • Developing guidelines and corporate hashtags together
  • An introduction to social media platforms that are relevant for your company
  • Weekly events about communication, contents / topics, formats and strategic networking
  • Ideas for discussion and reflection in peer groups

In order to establish a routine with the knowledge acquired and practised during the starter programme, we provide continuous support for your influencer community beyond the six weeks if desired, for example through quarterly challenges, the integration into your marketing plan or the implementation of an employer advocacy tool. 

Use social media with the help of your employees to present your company‘s strenghts in an authentic way that inspires!

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