Social Media

Social Media

  • Keeping everything in view: topics, channels, content
  • Integrated: social across all channels
  • Comprehensive: from analysis to evaluation
  • Personal: personality PR

Depending on the author, some posts and tweets can seem like ammunition rather than opinions: some authors bombard their followers with short messages so frequently that it can feel like a full-blown twitter storm. That’s one way to do it. But it’s not the only way. Blogs etc. may make fast, real-time communication possible – with many different audiences.

“Just shoot out a quick tweet” may be strategy enough for some – the B2B business, however, with its many stakeholders and interests, requires some finesse. Just like any good communication, a social media presence requires a concept, planning, and sound judgement. A feeling for topics, tonalities, and target groups. And an accurate analysis of the results.

Experts in planning and executing social media

You agree? Then we might work together well: from the creation of your social media presence to fine-tuning your suitable, exciting content, posting and analyzing every “like”. We have the right people for every phase of planning and execution. Always in view: an integrated, strategic communication, so your messages don’t lose their impact after one tweet – and ideally, develop an additional dynamic on other channels.

How to do that? We’ll gladly show you: in the context of a concrete project or in specific social media seminars, we’ll share the knowledge we have gained during our longstanding cooperation with mid-size and large companies and individuals. So why wait? Take the risk and venture out into the social web with us.

You’d like to work with us?

With our longstanding expertise and in-depth knowledge of the field, we’ll find solutions that suit you and reach the goals you have set.