Interim Management

Interim Management

  • Temporary cover for colleagues
  • Temporary know-how support
  • Temporary cover of advertised vacancies
  • Provision of resources in the event of sudden demand
  • A permit for the temporary supply of staff is provided

The sudden absence of a colleague of a cultural change project due to illness, a project manager leaving for another job during an ongoing change project or simply the lack of resources for a reorganization of the communications landscape and the upcoming big event – those are some of the typical situations that are part of running a business. We know how stressful it can be for both managers and teams.

Demand-oriented support

When these situations occur we are happy to help you by sending an interim manager to temporarily fill your vacant position – demand-oriented, scalable and a perfect fit.

Upon request, our consultants can work up to four days a week for you on site to be close to the action and step in in the event of temporary bottlenecks. Our colleagues are available at short notice.

Illustration by Anna-Giulia Deutsch (CHC)

A full toolbox at hand

Depending on how big the task is that you are facing, you will get support from one of our colleagues or an entire team. Plus, all of our consultants have access to the know-how of the whole team at Commha Consulting, thus having a full toolbox of competences and methods from the field of change, communication and collaboration at hand when needed.

We provide the know-how you only need for a limited period of time, be it a few weeks or several months. That way you save recruiting expenses and non-wage labour costs. Our consultants need little time to get to know the processes in your company thanks to many years of experience in different companies. A permit for the temporary supply of staff is provided.

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