Internal Communication

Internal Communication

  • Target group oriented
  • Multichannel
  • Storytelling
  • Strategic

Let’s make a thought experiment! There is a notice on the wall at the company cafeteria. Is this internal communication? Of course, it is. Although it is very simple and very likely – provided the cafeteria is full and employees are engaged in conversation – with limited impact. The news app that has colleague X’s cell phone buzzing is more likely to hit the mark than the printed matter on the bulletin board. As you might guess, internal communication is multi-layered, networked, at home on many channels, and as colorful as its audiences.

In the spirit of integrated and modern internal communication, we understand and network this diversity. Classic print articles, catchy newsletter texts, and pointed tweets never stand alone, but always in relation to each other. Just like internal and external communication itself: The Executive Board tweets – not just to its colleagues, but to the whole world. As we are at home in all these worlds, we adapt this mix to the needs of our clients, individually designing themes, campaigns and concepts. And, if desired, we explore the interfaces of communication with change and collaboration. We always have an eye on: The customer-specific relationships and structures. Because no two organizations tick in exactly the same way when it comes to internal communications.

Internal communication is increasingly digital

Internal communication is, how could it be otherwise, increasingly digital today – but is also still analog. Trade fairs, seminars and workshops serve to promote understanding, and here, too, we know how to score. We know a lot about the conception and implementation of such events. But we never come up with an off-the-shelf event. Rather, we work together with our clients to find the solution that fits best.

And then? Even after the last line has been written, the last seminar table has been folded and the last post has been liked, you will find that communication never stops. In other words, after communicating is before evaluating. We analyze and evaluate the reach of the measures we have implemented. In this way, we create the basis for making every measure even more accurate, more effective, more engaging in the future. So with us, a lot can be done in terms of internal communication. That makes the poster look pretty old.

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