Design Thinking

Design Thinking

  • Analysis & clarification of objectives
  • Covering all stages of the design thinking process
  • Individual workshop design
  • Project support

Are you facing complex challenges? With design thinking, we offer you a proven process to help you be ready to act in times of fast-paced transformations and to boost your company’s potential for innovation. Our offer is for managers who want to develop new approaches that can be widely adopted by the company.

Our skilled facilitators will guide you and your team through the different stages of design thinking, starting with understanding the challenge and obtaining the user’s perspective followed by ideation and testing the final prototype. Depending on your needs, we offer compact one- to two-day workshops or support you during a longer project.

Innovation for all business fields

Design thinking can help you meet the challenges of our time. With new technologies emerging every day, our knowledge growing exponentially, people networking more and more and boundaries of different disciplines disappearing, all business fields are constantly changing.

Design thinking focuses on the individual – both the users and the interdisciplinary team. In a well-defined, co-creative process, the participants develop new ideas and approaches to important matters for your company together. They combine their different experiences in an agile setting, network across departments and often come up with surprising answers that really fit your company.

The process aims at creating the exact innovative approaches, products or services that meet the needs of future users and are achievable and profitable at the same time. Thanks to the principle of iteration, complex challenges can be tackled adequately – ideas can easily be tested with prototypes and discarded if the idea turns out to be unusable

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