• Analysis & clarification of objectives
  • Individual workshop design
  • Broad range of creative techniques
  • Practical relevance

You would like to make use of your organization’s and team’s creativity? We show you methods to spark creativity and develop new ideas and approaches with the help of ideation. Our offer ranges from extensive creative processes like design thinking to small interventions that breathe new life into your meetings.

Ideation is more than brainstorming

Innovations do not simply happen by chance and they are seldom the result of just one stroke of genius. New ideas are rather developed sistematically. Your team or network can help you with that, because the more diverse the perspectives, the more varied the ideas.

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We offer you more than mere brainstorming – we show you how to leave old thinking patterns behind and create a motivating environment. Furthermore, we offer you the right techniques to spark new ideas in your team ranging from emotive words to improvisation theatre to “headstand“. Other methods like rapid prototyping help you select the best ideas and bring them to life by telling a story, drawing a comic or building a model.

Our offer is for managers who are willing to break new ground with their colleagues and teams. Depending on your needs we offer you half-day to two-day workshops during which you expand your competence for creativity processes and put together a toolbox filled with the right methods. We are happy to work with you and your team on a topic that is important to you.

You’d like to work with us?

We breathe new life into your company and take your needs and goals very seriously. Together we find the right solutions for you to connect with your employees.