People. Changes. Seeing Them Through.

The new strategy is ready to be kicked off and the corporate culture will either be developed further or a restructuring will bring about changes in processes, roles and responsibilities. A good plan – but the implementation isn’t moving forward. Does this sound familiar? Transforming business areas, products, structures and processes or even developing new variants is one major prerequisite for ensuring an organisation’s sustainable success – employing a systematic approach to change people’s attitudes, behaviour and values is another.

People are at the heart of our change concepts – managers and employees in equal measure.

When the people concerned are closely integrated into change processes, there’s nothing standing in the way of your success. That’s why transparency, know-how and leeway are important pillars of change management. On top of that we focus on measures that make use of the natural motivation to “want to change” in the context of the particular goals of the planned changes. Participation is therefore in our view a critical factor in achieving successful, sustainable changes in your organisation – without participation and bottom-up components, no transformation can be successful in the long run.

For us, change management means taking a systematic approach to preparing the individuals involved and helping them accept the changes and move them forward – with the aim of creating a successful transformation.

Better performance, greater efficiency, value changes: structured change management that is closely interlinked with project management ensures a return on your investment in strategic change initiatives and projects – and makes sure that employees understand the purpose of the transformation and actively support it and push it forward.

Individual change concepts – broad basis of methods

We work not only on the basis of project management-oriented change-management concepts like PROSCI®-Methodik but also with systemic consulting tools and methods for organisational development and change management. Using both approaches we design change concepts that are specifically tailored to your organisation and current tasks, supervise the change processes and help you implement them: a team of experts from our business areas Communication and Collaboration delivers appropriate – and effective – change communication and specific trainings.




Hubert Rasig