A newspaper like no other

Construction sites are annoying. Especially if they concern one's way to work or the holiday trip. As soon as one has got used to the change of the usual routes, bus and railway lines, everything changes again. Because to make things worse, the construction site is wandering. This is also the case at Heidelberg Central Station, where the traffic alliance Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr (rnv) is extensively (...)

Finish in Freiburg

Freiburg, Sonntag, 7. April 2019: Das dritte Mal nach Mannheim 2016 und Frankfurt 2017 tritt das Commha Team zum Staffelmarathon an. Das Team, das sind Barbara, Fabian, Thorsten und Mark. Auch beim Freiburg-Marathon übertrifft Commha sämtliche eigenen Erwartungen. Und wieder einmal legt Fabian einen besonders starken Endspurt hin. (...)

Targeted B-to-B communication? Social media makes it possible!

The addressing of target groups via social media platforms has long been part of everyday business for consumer-oriented companies. Companies in business-to-business are more hesitant – especially when the marketing budget is tight and customer communication has worked primarily through direct contact. Professionally operated social media channels offer real added value in a business context: (...)

Face-to-face before bauma

  Speed dating with journalists in the run-up to the world's largest trade show: With our customer BHS-Sonthofen, we participated in the bauma "Media Dialog" at the International Congress Center Munich (ICM) at the end of January. bauma is the heartbeat of the construction industry, specifically the "world's leading trade fair for construction machinery, building material machinery, mining (...)

Die CommhAcademy: Firmenwissen für alle

Friday morning, 8:45: Outlook reminds us that CommhAcademy will start soon. Little time is left to send a pending email, get some coffee and grab a seat in the kitchen – and get ready for another „lecture“! Leonie initiated the CommhAcademy. She tells us why colleagues are rushing to the kitchen early in the morning.   Leonie, why is the CommhAcademy so popular?   Leonie: Excellent (...)

Jump-start for a start-up

Everybody knows the mobile masts that are standing on rooftops. But few probably know that the owners of the respective building rent the roof space of the realty. In order to get the most out of the tenancy, the roof-renting parties need competent advice. This is where the German Society for Site Management (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Standortmanagement), or DeGefS in short, comes into play. On (...)

The juggling experts

Keeping hundreds of balls in the air without dropping one – knowing how to juggle is key when working on an annual report. In that discipline, Commha has been supporting, for instance, Nürnberg Messe since 2006. They belong to the 15 largest trade fair companies in the world, hosting some 120 trade fairs and congresses at both the Nuremberg site and abroad. Working on the annual report (...)

Commha off duty featuring Eric Placzeck

They write press releases for sports clubs, advise pub crawlers on selecting beers or convey their professional expertise: several Commha colleagues are passionate about communication, consulting and coaching even outside work. In our video series "Commha Off Duty", they tell you more about the how and why of their wide-ranging engagement. Have fun watching! This episode features Eric explaining (...)

Dare to challenge your employees

This year’s communication congress 2018 (kk18) in Berlin focussed on courage. kk18 is the leading symposium for German-speaking communicators with some 1.500 participants. We took the challenge to present a case study on change communication for our client RKW. Called the “Strategy Rally”, the initiative supported the company’s new strategy roll-out by making all employees aware of the (...)

The right twist

When companies celebrate their anniversary, it only matters for their own employees. Right? If, however, the company’s history is associated with the development of a whole industry, the audience gets bigger. This is exactly what applies to closurelogic. The producer of aluminium roll-on closures – commonly known as screw caps – located in Worms/ Germany has witnessed all the changes to (...)